Montecristo 2000 Limited Edition Toro 6.0 × 52.0

Coming from a brand widely regarded for producing some of the world’s finest blends, the Avo 8-Cigar Robusto Assortment offer the best of the best from this prestigious company. Included in pairs of two, are the Avo Classic No. 2, and the XO Legato. They will also receive the groundbreaking Syncro Nicaragua Robusto, and the Fogata Robusto— both a first of their kind coming from Nicaragua. This limited assortment will expose you to the multi-layered complexity, and superb, one-of-a-kind flavors that epitomize the luxury and elegance that the AVO name stands for. The included pair of limited edition AVO earbuds will allow them to relax and listen to their favorite tunes while enjoying these superb ultra-premium cigars.

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