K80 Kratom Extract 10 ml

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The K-Shot K80 is the perfect Kratom for anyone that needs a quick boost on the go. This powerful shot is not for the inexperienced and can get you the full Kratom feeling you’re looking for in half a shot. More experienced Kratom users may be able to enjoy the feeling of a full shot, but be wary of its power.

The K-80 Kratom shot is a kratom shot that can be used at any point of the day you feel that you’re in need of a pick me up. Skip the afternoon coffee and have a K-80 instead. Mix it in with some apple juice to get a crisp and tangy kratom flavor.

This shot is some of the most powerful Kratom out there. Long time Kratom fans will love it.

All-natural ingredients
Kratom that is non-GMO
Kratom products with the best bioavailability
Kratom that is lab tested
Kratom cultivated with best farming practices
Kratom that is gluten-friendly
Kratom that is Kosher
Ingredients: Mitragynine extract, natural and artificial stabilizing agents